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If your kitty's suckling on your skin is painful or annoying, use citrus-scented creams on the area, which won't taste good to your little guy, to discourage him.Scent-repellent sprays can be used to discourage sucking on fabrics and other objects.Ingested materials can wind up causing an intestinal blockage, a medical emergency, so it's important to deter this behavior in kitties that eat such things.Another possible issue is a furry feline that sucks on his own tail, paws or other body parts, causing irritations or sores.

This is common in cats that suck on fabrics, a behavior known as wool sucking.Based in Las Vegas, Susan Paretts has been writing since 1998.She writes about many subjects including pets, finances, crafts, food, home improvement, shopping and going green.Bring him to the vet if he begins showing signs of suckling as an adult because this could indicate that he's suffering from a medical condition.Conditions such as hypothyroidism can cause behavioral changes, such as suckling behaviors, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.Early weaning and separation from their mother, prior to 8 weeks of age, deprives your little one of this comfort and he may continue the behavior as an adult.


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