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He’s the only one left, gazing forlornly across the overgrown lawn, abandoned by his comrades after they all departed in a hurry on a fateful day in September 1994.

Loneliness prevails despite the fact there are two of him.

That same year, work began on the first mosque to be built on German soil.Bombs would simply slide down their sides and explode harmlessly below.Well, they were harmless unless you happened to be ringing the doorbell.The military bathhouse was built around 1919 too, but the Russians destroyed that in the 1950s. Wünsdorf-Zossen was already home to a motorized division of the Reichswehr (Weimar Republic army) in 1931, but the shit really hit the fan when the Nazis came to prominence in 1933.Hitler’s buddies didn’t waste any time and quickly expanded the area’s military capabilities, forming the first Panzer division of the German Wehrmacht (as the unified army, navy and air force would become in 1935) that same year.They used it even before they became Nazis, when they were finding their feet as Germans.


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