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I only knew him casually, but I did know him so I had no reason to get upset. He had an odd look on his face as he looked down at me.Initially he just looked at my face but then his head moved and I could almost feel his eyes tracking across my body.The man moved so he was no longer blocking the sun and now that the sun wasn't behind him I was actually able to focus on him, recognizing him.

Unless she did go further, in which case she might clam up.'That's because no boys have ever been in a position to check you out naked'.The thought was fully formed in a single shocking instant. His eyes returned to my face and he seemed kind of thoughtful.With my eyes closed I could tell when a cloud moved in front of the sun as the light against my eyelids dimmed.It couldn't have been much of a cloud as I could still feel the glowing warmth on the rest of my body.I waited for the sun to come out from behind the cloud but it didn't happen.


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