Dating a former cocaine addict

Jane Danson and Georgia Taylor auditioned for the role of Zoe, before being cast as the Battersby sisters, Leanne and Toyah. She has enough of children's care homes and runs away, living on the streets with her boyfriend, Liam Shepherd.The character first appears in the amusement arcade where Judy Mallett (Gaynor Faye) works.Chris then has a fling with barmaid Samantha Failsworth (Tina Hobley).When he decides to leave Weatherfield, Samantha intends on coming with him and packs a bag for herself, but in the end Chris does not call round for her and leaves on his own without telling anyone. Zoe Tattersall, played by Joanne Froggatt, made her first screen appearance on .

He is born on 14 February 1997 and named after Brad Pitt.

Despite his efforts, Ashley realises that Zoe has to make her own decisions.

She needs a new start, wants to have a baby for the Foundation and leaves with Ben and Ruth in December 1998 and is never seen again.

Chris, a former soldier, makes his first appearance in March 1997 when he arrives at Webster's Autos looking for work, and when Chris demonstrates his abilities, Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) gives him a job.

During his time on the Street and unbeknownst to his boss Kevin, Chris has a passionate affair with Kevin's wife Sally (Sally Dynevor).


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