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As of the year 2015, it had been translated into more than 80 languages and dialects (including Albanian, Arab, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Latvian, Mongolian, Dutch, Nepalese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Koerdisch-Bahdini, and Turkish.) De Vink also launched Heavenly Quality, a discipleship movement aimed at Christian youth.

They hosted annual concerts and put evangelistic materials into the hands of 30% of Dutch school children.

Blocksom also wrote and illustrated an in-depth article on the use of comics in evangelism for Japan Harvest magazine ("Your Message in 'Manga' Will Get Through! 4, 1987/88) and wrote This Way to Happiness in 1979, which was illustrated as a cartoon tract by Evan Wilson in 1991.

Blocksom continued to work at the production of cartoon tracts, including one on the "know-it-all" fish Kashikoi Sensei, an international training ministry which teaches the production and use of comics-style literature for evangelism and discipleship, in 1996.

He soon began writing Christian comic books, and by 14, his enthusiasm for spiritual things so impressed a teacher that she asked him to teach religion class.In addition to his cartoons and comics, Best wrote a number of books for young people including some new Sherlock Holmes stories wherein Dr.Watson quotes a Scripture he had heard from "our friend Charlie Spurgeon." All of Best's tracts and books were published by his own company, Discovery Press.Two years later, he was asked to become director of the ministry. Ensign was known to many as the "Father of Modern Christian Comics Fandom." He was born in 1948 and born again in 1958.He is married to wife Marian, a graphic designer who has collaborated with him on much of his work. After having some of his comics features published in fanzines in the late '60s, Ensign produced his first Christian comic, Tales of Antediluvia, in 1977 in the Campus Crusade print shop where he worked.Primarily he worked with other artists, such as Doug Chafey and Bill Webb, but he sometimes did his own artwork.


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    It was also clear that the pro-immigration group vastly outnumbered the anti-immigration rally. There was one man in the crowd holding a sign that said “Canada, stop illegal border crossings.” But many more were holding signs with messages like “love not hate” and “no platform for racists.” Some chanted, “No hate, no fear, Nazis are not welcome here.” It’s not clear whether the organizers of the rally, including the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam Canada’s Joey De Luca or the Cultural Action Party’s Brad Salzberg, even showed up.