Dating men with borderline personality disorder

I have been a great daughter-in-law and invite him to all of my family events, take him to dinner with us on fridays, I invite in over for dinner during the week (2 times), otherwise he just sits in his recliner in his room and moeps about life.He has told me I'm the daughter he never had and I felt very pleased that he liked me.OVer the past month I invited him over for dinner once, because he cried to me that it is sooo lonely with out my son and him coming to visit everyday and he is soo sorry.But, of course the comments are coming back, he starts at women and is just rude and inconsiderate. We were at a town fish bowl that we go to everyyear.I didn't feel comfortable with my hubby going over there to talk to him, considering bob was drunk and possibly sleeping by next day I was flustered, mad, but by the 3rd day I couldn't stop crying. My husband came home from work and I started crying uncontrolable.That is when he said he was going to talk with his dad.

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When my hubby can home and told me this I was furious. He said sorry and that I don't need to see no dirty old mans junk.I said, "yeah, i'm sure it feels good, but we need to go like ASAP." Then he starts getting gross and talking about his junk. He then started talking about how he wished I would just look at his penis. He continued to stay that since I don't want to see it that I am ashamed of it. He kept trying to guilt trip me as he is pulling and tugging on his balls and penis. I told him and he was shocked and looked pretty pissed off.I said, I'm married to your son and have no desire to see your stuff (i said it nicely). He stood up from the chair he was sitting in and just dropped his pants and sat back down. As this is happening my husband calls my cell and asks if we were coming. my husband things any man would do this to me, but his dad, never.I told him, "alright we have to go a huge storm is coming" he just didn't want to leave. He then said that I don't care for him and since i won't look at him I don't care. He had his dad the only man he could actually trust and now HE has totally crossed the line with me and now has disrespected his son. As he gets into the truck I noticed he had NO pants on. I told his dad to go inside and go to bed( even though it was about 1pm). He then proceeds with.."just touch it, just touch it, please, just a poke." I was ready to cry/scream. I didn't want to be rude, cause god forbid he might do something stupid to himself once he realized what the hell he did.He starts talking about how good it was to be naked in the woods and feel free. So, i looked at his eyes and said I care, but I don't thing your son would appreciate his dad showing me his stuff. I then told his dad that we have to go, pull your pants up. As I was ready to get out of the truck he said I have a question as he is tugging on his stuff. I said, " I know john would be very upset with you if he knew this." He said, "it can be our little secret" OMG seriously, I wanted to run home so fast. I literally ran across the yard to my house and just was blanked faced as I walked in. I didn't tell him at first, then I just started bhaling.He has been divorced twice and lives alone for the last 15 years and not dating.


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