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Your moral inconsistency toward nonhuman animals has even given rise to a website called Bad Karma Lama,

I have no idea who created the site, but it reflects a view that is very widely heldand, I fear, with good reason. You cannot be seen as a protector of nonhuman animals and continue to eat meat and visit zoos.

According to the article, the food served included veal roast, stuffed pheasant breast, and soup made with chicken stock.

The chef told the reporter that you chowed down on everything you were served, including the veal.

You spoke movingly of your deep compassion for animals and your desire that as many people as possible, including Tibetans and Buddhists, adopt a vegetarian diet as an expression of Buddhist compassion for all sentient beings.

Less than three weeks after this interview, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that at a dinner at the Elysee Palace for Nobel Peace Prize laureates, you refused the vegetarian meal that you had been served with the comment, Im a Tibetan monk, not a vegetarian, and insisted on being served the same entre that the other guests were having, which was reported to be braised calfs cheek and vol-au-vent stuffed with shrimp.

I understood that the dinner might have been held on a meat-eating day of your one-day-meat, one-day-veggies regime, but I could not understand why you would publicly go out of your way to dissociate yourself from a compassionate vegetarian diet when just days earlier you had spoken to me with such apparent conviction about the need for everyone who can to become vegetarian.

There were no reporters present at the dinner; the AFP reporter heard the story from you the next day, which suggests that you wanted the world to know that you were not vegetarian.

On February 16, 2007, Rinchen Dhondrup wrote a thank-you letter on your official letterhead to Ms.

In other words, quite inexplicably, you apparently wanted to promote meat eating as consistent with Buddhist practice.

I wrote you asking about this, but received no response.

Org Letters and Responses An Open Letter from Norm Phelps to the Dalai Lama - An Open Letter to the Dalai Lama June 15, 2007 The Dalai Lama Thekchen Choeling P. I have been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist for more than twenty years.

By way of introduction, or actually re-introduction, I am the author of The Great Compassion: Buddhism and Animal Rights, a copy of which I sent you soon after it came out in 2004, and an additional copy of which I am enclosing with the hard copy of this letter.


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