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An Italian man (Romano, whistling the ending theme Marukaite Chikyuu) proceeds to walk right into the busy line and cut ahead of another man.

The two narrators state that in Italy, this type of behavior is something you see everyday as well.

In the middle of a desert at night, Germany orders Italy and the Italian Army (who all happen to have haircurls like Italy's) to stand guard as lookout.

Italy complains that he's too tired, though Germany points out that the army only just woke up.

Austria continues to voice his frustration, while Spain remains oblivious and continues to chat with Greece.

Sweden (seen in SD form) states that that day is "another peaceful day" to Finland, to which he agrees and offers to tell Sweden a joke about Russians, to pass the time in line, while America laughs obnoxiously.

The final shot is of a video game, "Hostel 4", that features Germany on the front, as both narrators advertise that this simulation game of a German's life is now on sale.France, however, notices the way that the other man is handling his potatoes, and approaches him, asking if he is in fact Germany.A horrified Germany can only wonder how he figured him out.The screen goes black, as a footnote reads that while the French would cut up their potatoes into small pieces and take small bites, Germans would mash their potatoes into a pulp."With a Ph D and Masters from SUNY at Buffalo and six years of post doctoral training in psychotherapy, Dr.The next morning, Germany and one of his fellow soldiers stand in the desert.


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