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But they really forced me to think about this topic, Men just want a woman that looks, smells, and taste well.

The more i think about my relationship with women, the comment made that men are sensory sets in.

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All i care about is her physique, her appearance, and her tantalizing smell.

I know it sounds really shallow but 95% of men think like me… But really from the beginning of time men of valor to the common man has always been drawn by the appearance of a woman.

A guy is just a impulse shopper, while the woman is the name brand product, how she markets herself is key.

So yesterday we have a hearing in my office and here comes “Tondalayah”…She was a hot gyrl so everbody wanna slay…take that take that..diddy style…lol..

But really here she comes strolling through with her two year old toddler, and all i can think is please let this little tyke be pleasant.


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