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Source: Shutter Stock Maybe you saw him reading your favorite book or maybe you overheard him talking about a movie you also saw just last week.

Approaching your crush to start a conversation can be terrifying – which is exactly why we’re here for you with these 10 tips on how to talk to your crush. Source: Shutter Stock Staring at the floor as you talk to this dude is not only going to be really impolite and weird, but it's also going to confuse him.

" and then go into something else like, "Oh, cool watch" or something like that. Source: Shutter Stock If you're seriously freaking out and you sort of already know what you want to say, try practicing in front of a mirror before you actually speak to your crush.

You might feel really silly, but it might make you feel more comfortable with the words so that you're less likely to stutter or mumble.

" If he said something smart in class, you can be like, "By the way, I totally agreed with you in there. " It doesn't come off as too desperate or too flirty but it will still pique his interest.

Source: Shutter Stock Asking to borrow something is another great and easy way to start up a conversation. Say something like, "Hey, do you have a pencil I can borrow?


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