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The foursome takes up the seemingly impossible challenge, but when the Witch captures Dorothy, it’s up to her brainless, heartless and spineless friends to storm the castle and save the day.

Glinda — with the help of singing Munchkins — tells her she must head to Emerald City and seek out the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.You don your team colors, paint your face, and get fired up. Director: Victor Flemming, George Cukor, King Vidor Writers: L.When they arrive at Emerald City, they find the Wizard of Oz (Morgan) to be an intimidating force — a giant talking head, surrounded by pyrotechnics.The powerful Oz agrees to grant their requests, but says they must first bring him the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West.The film has become so mythical that many fans can no longer separate fact from fiction. Aren’t there hidden metaphors for government policies? But one thing is for certain — a film that spawns so many legends must indeed be a legend itself.


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