Updating blackberry 8100

When you enable Find My i Phone on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch running i OS 7 or later, the Apple ID and password you use for i Cloud is securely stored on Apple’s activation servers and linked to your device. Press and hold the red End key to turn the handset off and then back on. Once the device has powered on, follow steps 1 & 2 and restore connections.

From that point on, your password will be required before anyone can turn off Find My i Phone on your device, erase your device, or reactivate and use your device. Prior to unlocking a phone, make sure the previous owner of the unit has turned off findmyphone and erased all contents & settings. Type MEPD Note: When typing in MEPD the letters will not appear on the screen. Note: When typing in MEP and "Alt" and number 2; the letters/number will not appear on the screen, this step open up the "Enter Network MEP" box. Method 1: Model: 9500, 9530 Storm, 9550 Storm 2 Before you start, you MUST have an Unauthorized Sim Card inserted.

You will need to activate it by using an ACTIVE sim card from the original carrier and connecting to i Tunes. ITUNES will not always show a message showing the phone is unlocked, so testing it with a foreign sim is best bet. - Try connecting to i Tunes, perform a back up then restore.

If your phone is not unlocking or getting signal, PLEASE perform the backup/restore once again (above). Phone is Jailbroken and will not allow me to do a restore - You must put your i Phone into whats call "DFU mode". Press the red end key or the Escape key to go back to the Home screen.

You will be prompted to enter an unlock code (aka MEP2 Code). Just use the MEP2 (Either 16 Digits or 8 digits as stated) QUICK NOTE (Canada PHONES ONLY): If you order a Canadian Locked Blackberry Provider. Some phones requires MEP2 (Network Unlock) while some require MEP4 (Service Provider).

This is normally what is is used but you can check yourself to make sure here: This is normally what is is used but you can check yourself to make sure here: Bell Mobility: Requires MEP4 Code Fido/Rogers: Requires MEP2 Code Koodo: Requires MEP4 Code Mobilicity: Requires MEP2 Code Telus: Requires MEP4 Code Videotron: Requires MEP2 Code Virgin: Requires MEP2 Code Wind: Requires MEP2 Code Black Berry OS 6 Instructions (i.e. NOTE: You must use the "alt" key to enable numbers, example: enter MEP hold "ALT key" and enter 2. Scroll to Advanced Options and press the trackball.

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If the phone is reported STOLEN/LOST it will not work on USA GSM or Canadian networks. Also if the phone is NOT ACTIVATED, it will not work. Make sure your ITUNES is updated to the MOST current version. Usually after restore process it will alert you that the phone is unlocked as well. https://canadaunlocking.com/apn I received the message "activated" or "unlocked" but when I plug it into i Tunes, nothing happens.

In order to maintain this sort of unlock you must always keep the card between your SIM card and SIM card tray How To Unlock Blackberry: Unlock Instructions [How to] for Latest ANDROID Blackberry Models like: Black Berry DTEK50 , Black Berry Priv etc. (Make sure you press the Enter Key within 5 second or you have to enter the unlock code again).

1) Insert an unaccepted SIM card – (One that's not from the network your phone is locked to) and Turn the phone on2) Your Phone will ask for the Sim Network Unlock PIN (Unlock Code)3) Enter your Blackberry unlock code. Model: 8700, 8700c, 8700g, 8700r Before you start, you MUST have a Sim Card & turn OFF ALL wireless radios 1.

3) Click the “Restore” button and proceed with the backup and terms and agreement acceptance. Generally, I hold down both buttons then release the Home button just before the Apple logo would appear. This step opens up the personalization on the device.

4) Once the restore process has started, insert your INVALID SIM Card (T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Etc.) into your i Phone. If you are still holding both buttons down and you see the Apple logo you are holding them down for too long!


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