Updating psps

it will be using umd discs for movies and mp3 players, 1.8 gb on each disc.with curent encoding standards at 640×480, thats a good 4-6 movies per disc (depending on encoding, can be more or less, don't belive me, search ppc movies) and 100-300 mp3's.also i played vampire chronicle on it for about an hour and battery life was still 92 percent!also about the memory sticks just buy the stinkin 1 gb one and that's all you need prob. you can save games on it and just put all your fav.who cares if it would cost them for each console. couldnt they put full 32 or 64 mbytes chip on there. – by blalba i have an empyu lcd dot on the nintendo ds -by ikumalof it's actually called a dead pixel.

all you people who think you'll only spend 0 are dead press as well as game sites are downplaying this fact very, very, much.

the fact that it can be upgraded so easily also means bug fixes and software optimizations are also feasible. to get one of the first batch what if it fu cks up? that doesnt really matter though because i think the system is doomed, there havent been any new games released for it since november – by ikumalofyou can play movies and mp3's on the ds…

has anyone even bothered to look at what some people have done with their gba and dss?

turning the psp into a multifunction device might not be everyone's idea of a good thing, but sony did say the psp was going to be different and should not be compared to nintendo's gba or ds.

the list of new functionality being touted seems to put the psp in direct competition with the gizmondo and zodiac machines, and takes the handheld beyond just being a games machine.


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