Updating the beers criteria for potentially inappropriate medication

And because they’re available OTC, patients may not think they should mention them to healthcare providers.

Yet these preparations can interact with prescribed medications and lead to serious adverse effects.

Nurses have a unique opportunity to help identify patients at risk for inappropriate polypharmacy and to educate patients and families about risk reduction.

So be sure to ask the patient about all preparations—not just prescription drugs—he or she is taking.

Poor adherence to the medication regimen is an ongoing problem among older adults.

Also, some patients may attribute unpleasant symptoms to a medication and, without consulting the prescriber, decrease the dosage or even stop taking the drug.

Those with visual deficits may have difficulty reading the prescription label. Spinewine K, Schmader K, Barber N, Hughes C, Lapane K, Swine C, Hanlon J. Steinman M, Landefeld S, Rosenthal G, Berthenthal D, Sen S, Kaboli P.


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