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The next week Ryan and I went back to the bar and watched the game even though I had already moved onto another job.

With a little work from me, we became fast friends, as he was happy to have someone to get out of the house with.

I met Ryan, while working for the local power plant modernizing their systems.

He was just some lowly technician who had been assigned to drive me to the different sites while I upgraded them.

He went on about how he had begged her to let him take some Polaroid's of her and how she went ballistic at the very thought.

As he started to reply to my question, the front door was pulled open, causing him to fall forward into his wife.

As he fell forward, his hand had gotten tangled in her robe.

I was relieved when I pulled into his driveway, watching him get out of the car and stumble towards his front door. Deciding that the lush would never get in without some help, I got out of my car and joined him at the front door, picking up his keys, as he dropped them once again.

As I asked him which key it was to open the door, he leaned against it, to steady himself.


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