What to expect when dating an aries man

He knows how to take on several projects simultaneously and manage them with great expertise. He appreciates perfection because he understands how rare a thing it is in an imperfect world.Don't let his outward cool, calm and collected persona deceive you, because inside he's mapping out his next move like any great military strategist would. He always focuses on the positive side of life and surrounds himself with luxury and other tokens of his success.And, there will be millions of tiny gestures, endearments whispered in your ears, loving glances and devilish smiles to fuel the passion in your relationship.A positive attitude and a fun-loving nature are two attributes Aries possesses and desires in his soul mate.An Aries man is usually very good looking and has one of the sexiest minds you'll ever encounter.Aries is first attracted to outer beauty, but if it's an empty shell, he'll be on his way quick enough to find a partner who is equally smart and quick-witted.He enjoys hiking, cycling and other various sports.He likes listening to classical music, sipping wine and savoring 5-star restaurant cuisine just as much as he likes hopping on his motorcycle and grabbing a burger and fries.

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A Taurus man is one of the nicest guys out there and a true pleasure to date.

He won't hang around a pessimist for very long, and he won't hesitate to cut you loose if he isn't having fun in a relationship.

Of course, he'll do so with great finesse and style while trying to spare your feelings. He has zero tolerance for anyone who puts on airs or is fake in any way.

Aries is comfortable being Prince Charming and enjoys his charismatic appeal to the opposite sex.

Community involvement is important to this natural-born leader.


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