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In fact, Robertson's many shirtless scenes, showing him sun-bronzed and sweaty, easily constitute the best "beefcake" of his long movie career.

Unfortunately, the normally very hairy chested James Darren was forced to submit himself to a complete body waxing which seems unnatural and out of keeping with his personality.

See full summary » Frances, now 17, is still in love with Moondoggy.

She can persuade her parents to allow them a journey to Rome, together with two of her and two of his friends. See full summary » Rich socialite Chantal marries Eugene, a photographer, and everything seems blissful until her envious friend attempts to break them up.

This music producer/former part-time reality star on that VH-1 show that seems to have a ton of incarnations is hiding out at the house of his sometime boss.Hiding out from women who want to sue him for child support and passing them STD’s.Photos used in Blind Item posts are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual as the subject of this post.We take no responsibility or liability for the assumptions made by our readers.Kim Young-Ho (So Ji-Sub) is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars.But be warned: It’s a huge challenge and I don’t expect to receive a valid decipherment at all.


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